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What is Outplacement?

The trauma associated with losing a job can be equal to that of the death of a loved one or divorce.

Providing outplacement counseling tells the displaced employee that the company cares about their future and wants to help individuals maintain stability in their lives and offer assistance to become re-established in the workplace.

In today's environment of mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts (LBO's), and the ever changing skills of our work force, the human resources requirements of a company can change causing layoffs or even plant closures. When terminating an employee for "cause" or "business necessity", a company is exposed to the risk of costly lawsuits if decisions are not carefully planned. Offering Outplacement Services can help reduce your vulnerability to age, sex, racial, or other possible discrimination charges and/or lawsuits. Outplacement Services can also reduce your cost by as much as 50% through the reduction of severance pay, unemployment compensation, and insurance premiums.

Outplacement services has earned the reputation of being one of the premier outplacement firms in the region.

What Programs Are Available?

The programs offered through Outplacement Services help both the employee and the company. It is a win/win situation in what can seem like the worst of times.

Programs Available:

  • Senior Executives

  • Middle Managers

  • Plant Closings

  • Workforce Reductions

  • Spousal Relocation

What is Provided by Outplacement Services?

  • Pre-termination consultation with company personnel delivering the message

  • On-site consultation with employee immediately following termination

  • Develop and print professional resume and attention getting correspondence

  • Office space, clerical support and materials throughout the job search process

  • Access to our library of state and national directories, books, videos, internet, and current national newspapers

  • Develop job prospects through our vast databank of current job openings, prospective employers, and executive search firms

  • Provide contracts to government agencies and counseling to determine eligibility for program benefits

  • Maintenance of self-esteem and provision of anchor point to cope with these changes

  • Weekly consultant driven follow-ups to assure progress is being made

  • Written reports to sponsoring company

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